Movement Skis is a Swiss brand whose roots go back to 1980 when three friends created the Wild Duck snowboard brand. The epic story lasts twenty years and leaves the mark of a brand, driven by the spirit of creation, that succeeds in establishing itself and prospering in North America and Japan.

The rebirth of freeskiing in the late 1990s led the company to a new technological and industrial evolution with the creation of Movement Skis, in parallel with the snowboard activity. Movement Skis was born in 2000 and found itself faced with an immense virgin slope. Everything had to be invented.

The second skiing revolution was underway, that of freeride and larger skis, better adapted to snow conditions; that of freestyle and the race for tricks and amplitude; that of touring and the parallel obsession with lightweight equipment. Strengthened by 20 years of experience in the snowboard industry, and a pioneering carving research, Movement positioned itself as an innovative brand with novel construction choices.

In 2005, the acquisition of its own manufacturing plant, the AST Ski Factory, consolidated its independence. Freed from this production subordination, Movement invested in research and expanded its offer of versatile and technical skis which foretold the evolution of skiing. Twenty years after its inception, Movement Manufacture symbolizes this unique alchemy between a team, an independent research and production process, and creative vivacity. Thanks to this control of the production chain, the creative and cheeky spirit of the early days has been able to thrive. This freedom is now reflected in the fabrication of ski touring models-“freetouring compatible”-i.e., skis that seek not only to go downhill, but also to move around the mountain independently. The ultimate goal of riding down mountain slopes remains, but we are now free to choose the movement that will take us there.