The Freeride Days Engelberg combine exciting mountain with surprising brand experiences in a unique way.

During three days you can learn essential skills in a practical way out in the field and on the mountain. Rappelling with skis, couloir skiing and “Ride like a Pro” are are one part of the experience. Training in realistic avalanche scenarios and making good risk assessment and good decisions are the other and even more important part. Of course you can also just book a tour to one of the beautiful peaks. The program is similar to Dani Perret’s pre-season camp. Check it out for inspiration.

In addition to the course and tour program, we are setting up a “Brand Village” at the Trübsee station. The represented brands are particularly innovative in the area of freeride and ski touring and will offer an exclusive insight into their entire touring and freeride range during the three days. And indeed – this is quite unique – the models of the upcoming season 22/23 are already presented. Depending on the brand, there are not “only” skis but also boots and snow safety products to test.