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Style! – Learn Freeride Ski Technique from a Freeride Pro | book now |


Ski Technique Freeride

Let yourself inspire by the extremely playful and beautiful ski technique of Freeride Professional Piers Solomon. In a pragmatic way he will show you how you can work on your freeride technique. Expand your horizons and have fun skiing with more flow & new (easy) freestyle elements.

Duration: 1 Day // Guiding: Ski-Coach & Freeride Pro Piers Solomon or Mountain Guide

  • safe skiing in off piste terrain
  • individual skiing technique in different snow types
  • for advanced skiers: flow & style // playful skiing
    (drops, jumps, slash turns, hot-dogging, buttering, etc.)

Fly! – Ski & Fly Friday | book now |


Easy entry in the future of Freeride and Skitouring

You don’t have a license to fly yet? No problem, try it out under professional instruction!

When it’s green below, you usually end your ski tour or freeride descent too early. The arduous descent by foot could become the new normal with the “modern winter” and its global warming.

With a lightweight single skin (max. 2kg incl. harness), you can fly comfortably with your skis to après ski or to the next powder run.


The Ski & Fly workshop will introduce you to the new world and give you a stepping stone to learn this fascinating possibility. 

On a practice slope near Trübsee you will learn the most important basics about material and weather, start with the skis, flying and the landing. If you are talented, you can also experience the feeling of half flying and half skiing.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours // Guiding: Flight Instructor SHV

  • Training block “Material & Theory” (short)
    • Paragliding in general
    • Singleskins for Ski & Fly
    • Harnesses
    • Wind & Weather Basics
  • Application flights
    • Launch preparation
    • Independent take off with skis
    • Flight experience
    • Landing with skis
    • maybe skiing/flight or touch-go

Between flights (about 100hm) you climb back up with the skis and skins. You should make 3-4 starts and flights.


  • You don’t need any flying skills / training
  • Good skiing technique
  • Endurance for ascent 300hm with skins

Did you catch fire after the test day? The “Ski & Fly” course is the ideal introduction to your further flight training to be able to realize goals like these…

In cooperation with Flugschule Aerosport


Safe! – Avalanche Safety Management in the field | book now |


Avalanche prevention training

According to the current avi situation and touring in the field, we give you our experience on the subject of avalanche prevention. What do we do and why we do not do something else on that specific day? Where is the best place to ski our planned line and above all why do we ski that line? What to do if things turn out differently than planned? These and many other questions occupy us every day, and we are happy to share our thoughts with you.

Guidance: Mountain Guide IVBV

  • Prevention
    (Bulletin, practice-oriented tour planning, rolling tour planning, human factor)
  • Behavior in the terrain
    (line selection, safe points, group tactics)

Avalanche training companion rescue / first aid

If things do go completely wrong, we want to be prepared for emergencies. Even if you do everything right, you may have to help in a difficult situation. Do you have your avalanche beacon fully under control and are you fast enough even under stress? Can you also solve complex situations in the necessary time?

Guidance: Moutain Guide IVBV & Ski Patrouilleur

  • Companion Rescue
    • Searching, probing, shoveling
    • multible burial
  • First Aid for Freerider and Ski Tourer
    • Minor accidents
    • Assistance avalanche accidents


Completed! – Titlis Rundtour | book now |


Titlis Round Trip

For the trip around Titlis the complete package is required! You have to use everything you have. What you can’t do yet, we’ll show you! Skiing, scrambling over the knife, abseiling in two couloirs, stimulating ascent over glaciers and one of the best descents back to Engelberg are waiting for you. If conditions are good, we can also add one of the extravagant “king lines” in the Engelberg valley. Guided and coached by a motivated mountain guide.

Duration: 1 Day // Guiding: Mountain Guide IVBV

  • Coaching “scrambling/climbing” over exposed areas
  • Abseiling in couloirs
  • Coaching Brucharst skiing
  • Coaching hairpin turns
  • Great descent with hopefully powder
  • (possibly King-Line to Engelberger)


  • Willingness to leave the comfort zone
  • Very good ski technique in offpiste skiing
  • Motivated for a 2-3hrs ascent with climbing skins